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Creative Photography to enchant, enhance, and immortalize your 

special day...

Hi, I am Andrew Haas.

Welcome to my online gallery of art, capturing countless moments starting all the way back in 1986!!! My name is Dean Stobbe and I have been involved with art and especially photography since I was a wee lad.  I photograph just about anything these days, choosing a wide focus to experience the world, rather than just trying to photograph 1 month old babies.  So big or small give me a call to help you record your special day, amazing children, new home decorations, crazy pets, or anything else your heart desires.  ALL my shoots include a thumb drive of all your images to do with as you will, or I can certainly help with anything from standard prints to lifesize blankets, t-shirts, mugs, you name it.  Looking forward to working with you and adding you to my ever growing family of happy customers.  I have received many awards (recently the Top 2% Award for being in the top 2% of wedding photography providers out of 35,000 participants nationwide!!!) and have been published in magazines, been on TV on TLC's Four Weddings, and cant wait for my next adventure with you!!!